The Story of #beathubz

With so many connections across the globe, the available technology in the music industry, and the love of dance music globally, #Beathubz was born to bring everyone together and unite in a social and LIVE stream platform that is 100% dedicated to the music we all love. 

No pictures of dinners, moaning Joan’s or conspiracy theories here. Just pure love for the 4 to floor beats and beyond.

On the web you will find the home of LIVE streams of all music genres with brands from across the globe. tune in by brand, DJ, or Genre and listen to hours of previous LIVE streams. Music on demand is what we are all about. Within the APP we have something for everybody in your own private music social media platform.

Producers Hub, DJ Hub, Gig Swap Hub, Record Label’s looking to sign fresh new music and get it out on platforms like Beatport, iTunes, Spotify and more. A full DJ and production training school doing both physical and online training as well as live 1 to 1 sessions and much more. 

House Music brands looking to give you a big opportunity in different countries around Europe. Imagine a place you can live stream without limits and being cut off every 5 minutes. Shall we continue?? Here is the best part…. the app is FREE!!

Welcome to the future…. Welcome to #Beathubz

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Passion and the love of the music that drives us to be the best we can be as a global community

Beautiful products

We have worked hard at #Beathubz to offer a global delivery service on quality merchandise for all of our DJ's and brands.

A global network

By purchasing products and voluntary subscription packages for the brands you love you are helping the DJ's and brands to continue to do what they love, bring you quality music LIVE to your home.

100% Satisfaction

We strive to be the best at what we do and to provide you with a quailty service. if you are a music lover, DJ, or music brand we welcome you to our global community.